Sunday, January 25, 2009

Takarewataya Reef

Takarewataya is located 62nm down South from Makassar, the reef diameter is around 3.3nm by 2.2nm. This reef will be totally submerged under water during high tide and only small part or the reef raise above the water level during low tide.

Takarewataya reef surrounded by deep water up to 600m depth, the West side of the reef mostly consist of slope while the East side is dominated by steep.

There is a ship wreck on the East side, this place is very popular for anchoring at night hunting for monster from the deep like Escolar.

The biggest Escolar caught from this reef was 80kg on 2007 landed by a Singaporean angler on board Theodoras boat.

Takarewataya is a very popular fishing ground for hardcore angler from Makassar, this fishing spot can only be reached during transition period between Monsoon and East Muson or vice versa.

This fishing spot is well known for Dogtooth Tuna, Ruby Snapper, and Escolar.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Next Hunting Ground

West Coast of Pulau Selayar consists of 90% cliffs and deep water for 50 miles, nice popping ground isn't it?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Palabuhan Ratu - West Java - TUNA PARTY..!

This is the place where I always get my fresh Sashimi source.

Palabuhan Ratu is the located in West Java where Billfish is the Mascot of the Town.

Ujung Kulon - Banten. The dream place

This is the most favourite places for popping in West part Java. In the President Cup Big Game Tournament 2006, Mr. Susanto Nursewan broke the Indonesian Yellowfin Tuna record
and win the Jackpot as well in the tournament, the fish was 76kg.

Tanjung Bira - South Celebes

This place has been tested...!!

Krakatoa - Sunda Strait - Banten

Krakatoa is an active vulcano located in the centre of Sunda Stait. These archipelago consists of 4 islands, Pulau Rakata besar, Pulau Rakata Kecil, Pulau Sertung and the active vulcanic mountain called Anak Krakatau.

On June 2005, a fishing group of 40 anglers using 6 boats held a catch & release GT popping competition fishing trip for 2 days. Extraordinary result.